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Types of Pools: Which One is Best?

Adding a pool to your property is known to increase not only the value of your home, but the value in quality time spent with family and friends as well. There are many different types of pools on the market, and it’s important to know which one is going to benefit your lifestyle, as well as resale should you ever choose to sell your home. This starts by understanding the options that are available.

As leading pool builders across the Brisbane region, we have a great understanding of which pool best suits a specific property, and although we have this knowledge on hand, it’s still important that homeowners make the decision in the end. But a little guidance doesn’t hurt. In this blog, we’re listing off some of the different types of pools on offer, and which ones are the best based on what they provide, and how they cater to specific lifestyles.

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Types of Inground Pools

Concrete Pool

The greatest design flexibility is found in in-ground concrete pools. They may be as broad and long as you want, and they can take any form or depth. Furthermore, there are an abundance of design features that allow you to personalise and customise a pool to suit the style of your home and property. It’s widely known that concrete pools can become such a captivating feature, adding a significant amount of value to a home.

Vinyl-Liner Pool

When it comes to affordable in-ground pool options, vinyl-liner pools are the most cost-effective choice. This specific type of pool can be assembled in any shape or size, with the vinyl minimising the growth of algae – lowering the need for maintenance. This also means that you won’t need to use as many chemicals, reducing the need and the cost of purchasing filtration or chemical solutions.

Fiberglass Pool

For something that’s more low-maintenance and wont cost you as much in the long run, fiberglass pools are one of the best types of inground pools– these pools generally have less required maintenance and the overall maintenance of the surface means the growth of algae is completely minimised, saving you more money on chemicals.

Types of Above Ground Pools

Above-Ground Pool

Above ground pools are a great option for properties where inground pools are not an option, more so because access to the type of ground the home is built on is unable to be obstructed. There are many types of above ground pools that offer a straightforward solution to transforming your backyard, lifestyle, and adding value to your home.

Above ground pools are completely versatile in their shapes and sounds, crafted from an array of different materials such as concrete and fibreglass. These pools are suitable for terrains including:

  • Rocky
  • Uneven
  • Sloping
  • Garden yards
  • And more

Above-ground pools, like in-ground pools, also have the ability to be heated to make swimming year-round a total delight. You can also transform your pool into an above-ground spa, where you’re able to unwind and relax.

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