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The Best Plants for Brisbane Climate

With such gorgeous tropical weather, it’s easy to see why Brisbane homeowners are renowned for their love of gardening. The combination of reliable sunshine and frequent showers makes the perfect breeding ground for gorgeous tropical fauna, which means homeowners are pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing plants, shrubbery and flowers for their home. To help you, we’ve compiled a guide on the best plants for Brisbane climate that are beautiful, easy to maintain and able to seamlessly fit in with every style of home.  

Read on below for the best plants for Brisbane weather:

What to Grow in Brisbane?

Best Plants for Brisbane Climate


If you’re wondering what to grow in Brisbane, the bottlebrush is a fantastic addition to the garden if you want a plant that attracts birds and bees. A known favourite of rainbow lorikeets, the bottlebrush is a beautiful and versatile native that’s easy to maintain and almost impossible to kill. These brilliant red flowers can survive both damp and dry conditions and is happy in any type of soil which makes it one of the best plants for Brisbane climate.


If you’re looking for a plant to line your fence or driveway, an agapanthus bush makes the perfect accessory. These south African flowers have taken well to the Australian climate, and can be seen everywhere from homes, to schools and church gardens. Agapanthus’ are very low maintenance and can tolerate most soils quite well. If your agapanthus isn’t flowering, it’s likely that lack of sunlight or overcrowding is the problem. As agapanthus’ tend to multiple on their own, care needs to be taken to cut the seed heads off before they have the chance.

Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Brisbane

Citrus tree

Easy to grow and quick to bloom, it’s no wonder the citrus tree is one of the best fruit trees to grow in Brisbane. Originally grown in Asia, the humble citrus tree has taken very kindly to Queensland as it’s known to tolerate high temperatures incredibly well – in fact, it reaches peak photosynthesis at 30 degrees. Requiring only sunshine, regular watering and a well drained soil, you’ll find that your citrus tree can manage pretty easily without too much interference. Lemon trees are slightly more sensitive to wind and should be planted in a place that’s shielded from the elements. Oranges, on the other hand are good with wind but are sensitive to temperatures over 40 degrees. Both are well suited to backyards and would likely thrive in places close to the home as it provides some additional protection.

Mango tree

They don’t call it the king of the fruit for nothing! When it comes to growing a fruit tree, there are none more enviable than a mango tree. Though you might have to exercise some patience (up to three years or more) it’s worth it in the end. For your best chances at growing fruit be sure to angle the tree towards the sun and in a well drained soil site.


Gardenia’s absolutely love a tropical climate, which makes them one of the best flowers to grow in Brisbane. These flowers do well when placed in partial shade and will easily bloom with little maintenance. they’re an adaptable flower that can easily handle cool conditions and the occasional bit of frost. For the best results, it’s recommended you house your gardenias in an acidic soil (P.H 5.0 – 6.0)


For a bold pop of colour, consider planting some hydrangeas in your garden. These gorgeous flowers are available in blue, purple, pinks and white and can range in levels of intensity depending on the soil P.H levels – in fact, blue hydrangea’s can easily turn pink if you remove aluminum from the soil.

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