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Smart Technology for Your Home

A smart home is no longer something only seen in sci-fi movies – in fact, it’s easier now than ever to master smart technology for your home. Though you might be aware of smart TV’s and speakers, there are smart technology appliances for almost every household function that can be operated by voice activation, thermal sensors, and motion detection. We take a look at some of the more popular smart technology options on the market, and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Smart technology for your home

What can you automate in your home?

Lights on! Lights off!

 Lights are one of the most common ways to incorporate smart technology for your home, as smart lights can be operated through voice commands or via an app on your phone. Pairing a smart light with a voice activated system such as Google Home and Alexa is a popular way to operate lights and can be used in conjunction with other smart devices such as smart thermostats and smart speakers. However, installing a smart house lighting control system yourself can be tricky, as smart bulbs don’t always pair well with switches. A lot of smart bulbs also require the switch to be turned on, as they only offer the ability to change colours or dimming strength. For a fully comprehensive smart house lighting control system that allows you to turn on and off via a voice command, consider enlisting the help of a builder to install a smart light, smart switch, and smart plug.

Wake up with automatic blinds

Automatic blinds can be as simple as a motor system that’s accessible via remote control, or as clever as using sensors to detect changes in temperature and light. This makes automatic blinds particularly useful in rooms such as the bedroom, as the blinds can be programmed to roll up at a certain time of day. Or for the hot summer months, your blinds may close when it hits a certain temperature, to trap in the cool air and block out heat.

Distribute your music

Looking for the best way to automate your home, that’s simple and easy to do yourself? If your household is home to music lovers, an automated sound system could be exactly what you need to accommodate different tastes. These sound systems involve simply setting up speakers in various rooms, giving the room a name, and connecting the speakers to the Wi-fi. Then, each family member can connect their playlist to play in whatever room they’re in without disrupting anyone outside. However, be warned, as speakers can be accessed from other rooms if the Wi-fi strength is strong enough – which gives plenty of opportunities for music related shenanigans.

Control your home security system

Smart cameras can track any potential activity around your home and send alerts if someone has crossed the sensor. They also use your Wi-Fi network to livestream footage, which you can access via an app on your phone and stores the footage in the cloud for whenever you need to access it. Smart cameras are incredibly useful for homeowners who holiday frequently, as they can simply check the camera’s viewpoint from anywhere in the world. These cameras are a cheaper alternative to hiring security monitoring company, as they’re not too costly to set up.

Keep it closed

Ever have that niggling feeling that you’ve left the gate open? With home sensors, you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving open doors and windows. These sensors can be programmed to alert you if someone has opened a door past a certain time, which makes them particularly useful for wandering teenagers. It also provides an additional security measure, as you’ll be instantly notified if someone is successful in breaking into your home.

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