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Small Outdoor Entertainment Ideas

Everybody wants a nice outdoor entertainment area. But maybe you think your backyard or patio is too small to enjoy with friends and family. We’re the Award Winning Group, North Brisbane builders, and we’re here to tell you that just isn’t so. Any outdoor area can be done up right, big or small. Here are some small outdoor entertainment ideas for making your backyard or patio a very nice place to be.

7 Great Small Outdoor Entertainment Ideas

The right lighting

Let’s start by talking about the lights. Lighting is so important for outside entertainment area ideas. The lighting establishes the mood for a place, but it’s got to be the right kind of lighting. You’ll have to consider ambient lighting, direct lighting, or both. Do you want to go with coloured lights or something more neutral? We do Brisbane home landscaping, so we’ll be able to help you select the best kind of lighting.

Make it cozy and comfortable

Your outdoor entertainment area should be a place where you want to spend a lot of time. It should be comfortable and cozy. The perfect furniture is crucial in accomplishing this. You’ll want furniture that is not too big. Furniture that can multitask would be best, much like the next item on our list.

Creative patio table

You’re going to need a built-in table for your outdoor entertainment area. But the problem with tables is that they take up valuable space. You’ll be able to make the best use with a multipurpose patio table. The patio table should be constructed so that it can serve as a table, a food counter, and even a bar. The best patio tables also have racks or shelving underneath to maximize space. And a nice patio table looks great too.

Firepit BBQ

We’ve got to mention a BBQ firepit. It’s a firepit with multiple functions. It’s a stylish firepit that has the right look, it generates heat to keep you warm on cooler evenings, and it can be used to cook an excellent hamburger or steak. We love these kinds of firepits and we think you will too.

Hot tub or pool

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. You’re reading this article because you are looking for outside entertainment area ideas for your small outdoor space, so why would you want a pool? Well, we’re talking about a small pool or hot tub. No, not a kiddie pool. Something small, yet big enough for adults to enjoy with friends and family. Pools and hot tubs come in many different shapes and sizes, so we’re sure we could help you find something that’s just right for your small space needs.

Add tiles

Outdoor tiling is becoming more and more popular for small outdoor entertainment ideas. Outdoor tiles can make a patio or outdoor flooring come alive. Also, creative use of tile colours and patterns can make an outdoor area feel larger and more spacious.

A vertical garden

Add a bit of green to your small outdoor area. A vertical wall garden allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having a garden without dedicating a large section of your backyard. A vertical garden is also easier to maintain because you don’t have to bend over to tend to it. Easy and space saving – it doesn’t get much better than that.

The right concept for any outdoor entertainment area

Renovating even a small outdoor area can seem like a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. At Award Winning Group, we’ll work with you every step of the way. Let’s discuss small outdoor entertainment ideas. Give us a call at 0423 296 698, or click here to request a free quote.

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