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Whether you’re wanting to downsize your living space, or you’re simply moving into your first home, Award Winning Group will help make it a comfortable, functional, and stylish abode. From smart storage solutions to aesthetic finishes, engage our small home builders Brisbane team for a home that you could only ever dream of.

Small homes are becoming increasingly popular among Australians due to the many benefits they offer. Not only are small homes more affordable, but they’re also easier to maintain and reduce your living expenses (which is a major plus in today’s economy). With the right design, a small home can be just as stylish and comfortable as a larger one. Our small lot house builders Brisbane team are here to make it happen.

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Small House Builders Brisbane

Award Winning Group are your full service small lot house builders Brisbane trusts to provide a range of services to ensure your new property is exactly as you want it. From the initial building of your home to the landscaping, pool installations, and more, we wont just give you a new place to settle down, we’ll give you a property that you’re going to love for years to come.

Benefits of a Small Home Build

There are a number of benefits that come with our small lot builders Brisbane services bringing together your dream abode. From smarter living solutions to environmentally conscious designs and functions, we aim to deliver a new or renovated home that you otherwise wouldn’t experience anywhere else. This also includes:

  • A more energy efficient lifestyle
  • Easier space to maintain and upkeep
  • Much lower living costs/bills/expenses
  • Encourages you to declutter
  • Smaller mortgage – more money in your pocket
  • More intimate lifestyle with your family

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What Our Small House Builders Achieve for Your Home

At Award Winning Group, our small house builders take pride in working closely with you to ensure your small home is exactly what you’ve envisioned. The best way to produce and deliver a new home or renovation is by prioritising a customer’s wants and needs, while also making sure the home is functional, built with durable and long lasting materials, and caters to those who will be living there. If you can dream it, we can do it – so get in touch with our small home builders today to start planning the future of your new abode.

Why You Should Choose Award Winning Group

If you want to improve your home in any way, Award Winning Group’s Brisbane builders have the experience and skillset to make it happen. We’re experts in transforming homes completely, making functional outdoor spaces, and general home improvement services from landscaping, drafting and design, to building, driveways, retaining walls and so much more. Your dream is your reality when you choose to engage our small home builders Brisbane residents prefer to work with.

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Ready to get started on your small home build or renovation? Request a quote online today or speak to one of our experienced small house builders Brisbane team members on 0423 296 698. For more information on any of our other building, design, or landscaping services, get in touch with our north Brisbane builders to get started today.

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