The Award Winning Group’s house design team have the skills, imagination and experience required to design exciting and innovative renovations and homes that will take your breath away.

Building a new home should be an exciting, fulfilling experience. When it comes to building your new home the Award Winning Group philosophy is, simply to, “build the home as though it is your own”, this ensures every new home is built to show home standards.


A new pool or pool renovation can transform your home and your lifestyle. The Award Winning Group have a specialist pool build and pool renovation team that create amazing pools that add value to any home.


Landscaping is part of the Award Winning Group DNA. Award winning landscaping is an art form and the Award Winning Group like to create masterpieces.


The Award Winning Group can turn your house into the home of your dreams. Whether you need a new kitchen, bathroom or complete home makeover, Award Winning Renovations can deliver outstanding quality design and construction.

The Award Winning Group use intelligent electrical systems which are designed to maximise the efficient use of your electricity needs in the safest way possible, it’s one of the reasons to choose the AWG for your renovations.

The experienced qualified plumbers at the Award Winning Group simply know how to provide the best quality fail safe plumbing systems that are designed to best suit your home. From hot water and solar through to drainage and water mitigation, you can rely on the Award Groups professional plumbing team to deliver outstanding service and quality.

There are walls and then there are Award Winning Walls. To create an Award Winning wall, you need flare, creativity and an in depth knowledge of structural engineering.