Award Winning Home Improvements (AWHI) is your one-stop-shop for Brisbane building, renovation, and design services. We are a full team of talented and dedicated professionals with many years of experience in the building and construction industry and we have the capacity to turn your home design, build, or renovation dreams into reality.

We work to the highest of standards and consult with you at every stage to ensure the vision unfolding in front of you meets your exacting specifications. We’re committed to your build being aesthetically pleasing while at the same time providing value and ongoing enjoyment for you and your family.

Explore the services we provide below, and please feel free to call us for a quote or for more information about any of these services on 0423 296 698.

Award Winning Drafting & Design

The Award Winning Group’s house design team has the skills, imagination and experience required to design exciting and innovative renovations and homes that will take your breath away. With incredible commitment to precision and a true vision for how designs unfold in reality, our drafting and design services team have the capacity to shape your future home. We are trusted with residential and commercial projects and can work with you on renovations, rebuilds, and landscape renovation projects.

Award Winning Building

Building a new home should be an exciting, fulfilling experience. When it comes to building your new home the Award Winning Group philosophy is, simply to, “build the home as though it is your own”, this ensures every new home is built to show home standards. We have a full-service team of Brisbane home builders, site managers, contractors and a trusted network of sub-contractors; all of who work in harmony to shape your home to your specifications. We work efficiently – but never rush – knowing that staying on budget and on time are equally as important as the final project. We keep you informed with any updates and will always have someone on hand to discuss developments as they happen.

Award Winning Pools

A new pool or pool renovation can transform your home and your lifestyle. The Award Winning Group has a specialist team of swimming pool builders and a team pool renovation professional that create amazing pools that add value to any home. Pools are such an integral part of the Queensland summer, and at AWHI, we have the design and vision to create an oasis in your backyard. Your pool can be such a stunning feature of your home, and we try to celebrate the meeting of nature and design with our pools. We incorporate natural stones, tiles, rocks and other features to really bring your pool in line with the overall aesthetic of your home and in harmony with nature.

Award Winning Landscaping

Landscaping is part of the Award Winning Group DNA. Award-winning landscaping is an art form and the Award Winning Group like nothing more than to create living masterpieces. A home without landscaping is missing a vital element, and we consider landscaping to be the final flourish in the overall build and construction process.

This is a critical part of your home’s design. You will benefit from our landscapers’ expertise and deep understanding of the Queensland climate and knowledge of the appropriate plants and foliage needed to enhance the natural beauty of your home’s yards and outdoor spaces. We can also work within entertainment spaces to create gorgeous barbecue areas, entertainment areas, dining spaces and more – all working to incorporate lush greenery and natural elements. Learn more about our landscaping services Brisbane.

Award Winning Renovations

The Award Winning Group can turn your house into the home of your dreams. Whether you need a new kitchen, bathroom or complete home makeover, Award Winning can deliver an outstanding quality of design and construction in home renovations Brisbane wide. Renovations are dear to our hearts here at Award Winning Group and we love being entrusted with such a critical and special project. Whether you are renovating to sell, or doing up a beloved family home to bring it into line with changing family needs, we are committed to delivering an end result that you are delighted with.

Award Winning Retaining Walls

There are walls, and then there are Award Winning Walls. To create an Award Winning wall, you need flare, creativity and an in-depth knowledge of structural engineering. We can incorporate natural elements, wood, stone, concrete, metals, and anything else that suits your home or commercial space. We construct the highest quality retaining walls Brisbane wide, all to approved standards in construction and design for Queensland construction.

Award Winning Plumbing

The experienced, qualified plumbers at the Award Winning Group simply know how to provide the best quality fail-safe plumbing systems that are designed to best suit your home. From hot water and solar through to drainage and water mitigation, you can rely on the Award Groups professional plumbing team to deliver outstanding service and quality. Our plumbing services are a part of our Award Winning Home Building and Award Winning Home Renovation Services.

Award Winning Electrical

As a part of your home construction, the experienced, qualified electricians at AWG will work with your designer or architect to ensure the best outcomes with a strong emphasis on safety. Our electrical services are a part of our Award Winning Home Building and Award Winning Home Renovation Services.

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