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7 Important Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Renovations can quickly become a stressful project for homeowners, especially when they haven’t followed a proper plan or strategy within a realistic timeframe. There is an abundance of renovation mistakes to avoid when it comes time to transform your home, and getting ahead of the game can help the process become streamlined and as stress-free as possible, ensuring your renovation adventure can be complete the right way and with minimal mistakes.

If you’re looking at renovating your home, we’ve put together a list of important renovation mistakes to avoid, making the process easier for you.

Common Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Poor Planning

Before you decide to get started with the renovation, it is essential that you have a proper plan and strategy of the bigger picture and any long-term visions. You need to ensure that you’ve listed the likely expenses, timeframes, resale, and allowed for renovation problems and even extra expenses (should an unexpected problem arise – and they will). Having a plan will also assist when it comes time to get quotes from builders, tilers, and other relevant contractors.

Not Doing Enough Research

It’s important to research thoroughly before engaging in any renovations. This ensures you’re spending money on materials that offer longevity and durability, as well as contractors and services that will do the job in line with your visions, while also offering alternatives that can save you money and hassles.

Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic expectations come all the way down to budgets and timeframes. Renovations aren’t necessarily a cheap investment, so its important that you go into the process understanding that money needs to be spent, and overbudgeting is important fundamental.

Trying to DIY Everything

Home renovations can be an expensive investment, and a lot of homeowners believe they can DIY the project to get ahead and save some money. Little do they know that trying to do a lot of the renovating themselves can cause costly problems later into the renovation process, and even hinder the project completely.

Too Focused on Resale Value

If you’re renovating your forever home, or a home you’re planning to live in for more years to come, resale value isn’t necessarily the most important aspect in comparison to if you were renovating to sell. This is where you would take functionality over form within your home, as comfort and convenience are an important part of living for you and your family. Should the time ever come that you do want to sell your home, make sure your previous renovations cater to future renovations, giving you the opportunity to change things without causing future problems.

Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Kitchen renovation mistakes aren’t difficult to come by, and homeowners may get caught up in trends and aesthetics rather than the overall functionality of a space. Kitchen renovations are another area where careful planning needs to take place, especially in areas such as doors and how they open, storage, drawers, and the overall flow of the layout. Because kitchens are one of the most used zones in a home, it is essentially another area where functionality needs to be considered above form.

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Taking on the project management of a bathroom renovation may just be a disaster waiting to happen. Managing a renovation is no simple task, and anyone engaging in the process needs a thorough understanding of the order, expectations and tasks that need to be undertaken so that the project can be done effectively. Bathroom renovation mistakes are quite easy to come across, which is why it’s important to engage a project manager to oversee the bathroom plans before you get started on the project.

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