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Questions to Ask Your Remodelling Contractor

Are you planning on remodelling your home? No doubt you have plenty of questions to ask, especially if you’re looking to avoid the costly mistakes of hiring the wrong remodeling contractor for the job. But which questions are crucial when comparing potential remodeling contractors and how can you determine how trustworthy and transparent a contractor is? Read on to discover our top ‘Questions to Ask Remodeling Contractor’ before you commit to a contract.

Questions to Ask Remodeling Contractor: How To Pick a Contractor for Model

Are you licensed and do you have insurance?

First and foremost, you’ll need to see if a remodeling contractor has the appropriate licenses and qualifications to carry out the work. Though this won’t entirely prevent you potentially dealing with shoddy craftsmanship or unprofessional behaviour, it’s a good starting point. Insurance is also very crucial, as it provides a layer of protection to your home in the event something bad happens. Make sure to get copies of both their building license and insurance before you allow them to carry out any renovations on your home.

 How long have you been remodelling homes for? 

Not only does experience play an important role in the craftsmanship of remodelling, but so too does the customer experience. A company or sole remodelling contractor who has a few years under their belt will have streamlined systems and controls to ensure the building process runs as smoothly as possible. This also ensures the work is high quality and delivered on time and to budget.

What’s the expected timeline of completion?

You’ll no doubt want to resume normal activities as soon as possible, as remodelling your kitchen or bathroom can quickly disrupt the harmony of the household. A contractor should be able to give you an estimated timeline of completion and run you through any potential disruptions that could extend that timeline. If changes to the schedule occur, it’s worth asking the contractor how this will be communicated to you.

How much will it cost?

A good remodelling contractor can give you a detailed quote and expected timeframe of completion. This ensures you won’t be hit with any surprise costs or sudden changes in plan.

Questions to ask kitchen contractor

Questions to ask kitchen contractor: Can I use my kitchen during the remodelling process?

The kitchen is one of the most heavily used rooms of the house, and a kitchen remodel can easily disrupt the harmony of a home. If you’re worried you won’t be able to use a kitchen during the remodelling process, be sure to talk to your remodelling contractor about working out a cohesive schedule that suits both you and the building team. A good builder should have a plan to make living through the construction process as hassle free as possible. This may include specific times your kitchen won’t be functional, working hours, and solutions for when you can’t use electricity or your sink.

 Questions to ask kitchen contractor: Can I improve my kitchen layout?

If you want to improve the efficiency of your kitchen, it might be worth looking at your current kitchen layout to establish any pain points or areas that could be improved. An experienced kitchen remodelling contractor will be able to assess your kitchen and provide feedback on how the layout can be reconfigured. Or they might suggest some cosmetic improvements such as making the panty larger, installing corner cabinets, or changing your kitchen drawers.

Questions to ask bathroom contractor

Questions to ask bathroom contractor: Can I see examples of your past bathroom renovation work?

 Most renovation companies should showcase a before and after gallery on their website, but if they don’t have one, it’s worthwhile asking to see some examples of past projects. This will give you a good idea of the type of craftsmanship you can expect, and whether they’re skilled enough to take on the kind of style you have in mind. Scoping out a portfolio is especially important if you’re looking at a specific design with intricate detailing, as a remodeling contractor who only deals with basic, traditional designs might not have the craftsmanship required to complete the project to satisfaction.  

Questions to ask bathroom contractor: Do you hire subcontractors?

Simply put, a building company who has an in-house team of employees has better quality control over their projects. Unless of course, a company has long standing relationships with subcontractors, which is just as good.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on ‘Questions to ask remodeling contractor.’ If you have any more questions or ‘how to pick a contractor for model’ or would like to discuss your home renovation in person, please get in touch with one of our North Brisbane builders today by requesting a quote online or calling 0423 296 698.

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