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Pool Maintenance Tips

It’s estimated that the average running cost of a pool is close to $1,500 per year. The last thing you want is for that cost to balloon for not having adhered to the simplest pool maintenance tips. From the water, the filtration system, to how your pool is constructed, all need to work in harmony to ensure your pool stays clean and safe. The experts at Award Winning Group have put together a simple article about the easiest pool cleaning tips which will keep your pool clean and healthy year-round.

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Pool Cleaning Tips

Skim the Scum

The first of our pool maintenance tips is to ensure that the surface of the pool is clean from debris or organic material. This can be especially troublesome for those who have built their pool close to or underneath trees or if you have greenery as an accent to your pool area. Generally, organic material like leaves, sicks, or even dead bugs or animals, should be netted with a skimming rake and disposed of while on the surface of the pool. If given the time they will end up sinking to the bottom which will make them much harder to clean as well as providing a breeding ground for algae.

While skimming the surface of the pool, it is generally a good habit to change the skimmer baskets of your filter. If unwanted contaminants reach the skimmer baskets, they can begin to ‘steep’ the clean water being pumped back into the pool.

Create, and Adhere to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Aside from regular skimming and quick cleaning of debris and materials, you should stick to a regular pool cleaning schedule. Best practice is to aim for once a week. One of the easiest pool cleaning tips on our list, a regular cleaning schedule ensures that when done regularly, it shouldn’t take much time. If you’ve missed a few weeks, it will be harder to scrub the pool lining, steps, and ladders of possible algae growth and general build-up of contaminants from sources such as sunscreen, make-up, and body oils.

The more regularly you clean these pool internals, the less opportunity there is to give algae a chance to grow and alter the appearance and chemical make-up of your pool.

Regularly Test and Maintain Your Pool’s Chemicals

Perhaps the most important of our pool maintenance tips to ensure the safety and general health of your pool-goers is to maintain a chemically safe water pH and chlorine level. The ideal range of a pool’s pH number is from 7.4 – 7.6, while maintaining a chlorine level of 1 – 3 ppm. To ensure these levels are maintained, we recommend checking your pool’s acidity levels and chlorine content twice weekly. The ideal time for this is in the early evening. When maintained consistently, it also helps to provide a growth barrier for algae which will help make the earlier pool cleaning tips less strenuous.

Invest in a Quality Pool Cover

Not only is a pool cover going to keep the debris and organic materials from building up on the top of your pool; It will also help keep the sunlight from entering your pool. The last thing you need is for all the hard work you put into your pool’s chlorine balance to be undone by a few hours of sun damage. Chlorine is naturally degraded by UV light. In just a few hours (and without the proper stabiliser) the entire chlorine content of your pool can be made redundant.

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