How to plan a home renovation

How To Plan A Home Renovation

It all started with a dream, right? Or maybe a wish… or even just a whole heap of frustration? We’ve all been there. You kind of know what you want the end result to be – more open space, a functional kitchen, a granny flat, a pool for the summer. You may even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to tiles and paint colours. With that kind of inspiration, you are definitely on the right track! So, what’s next? This week we look at some key things you should consider for ‘how to plan a home renovation’.

If you’ve started heading down the path of getting quotes, you know it’s a time-consuming task. Most likely you are receiving quotes with a variety of inclusions (and exclusions) and attempting to compare apples to oranges. If you happen to have landed upon a couple of easily comparable quotes, that’s great! This post from our North Brisbane builders may help you by explaining a few steps in the process.

How to Plan a Home Renovation – The Essential Steps to a Seamless Home Renovation


A drafter will draw up plans based on your budget and their knowledge of the construction process. You may decide to have designs drawn up separately and submit these to a number of builders to obtain quotes. Alternatively, your builder may organise the design process for you. Ask as many questions as you need to at this stage. This is where you share your dream with the experts. They’ll let you know what will work and what won’t, and possibly give you some options to keep within your budget.

Council Approval

One of the most important steps in the ‘how to plan a home renovation’ process; If you have a builder, at this stage they will submit your plans to council for approval and manage this process for you. It always takes a bit longer than you think. This is a good time to talk to your builder about those Pinterest board tiles and start packing up the area ready to move out for construction.

At Award Winning Home Improvements, we have a natural stone range to view in our Brendale workshop. This is the stage in the renovation process when we look closely at your materials list and advise you of the best place to view products in person.

Construction Certification and Documentation 

Again, this is a job for your builder and gives you a little more time to prepare for the next stage.

Demolition and Construction (aka the exciting part) 

The Construction Manager and On-Site Supervisor are you go-to for communication. If you have a builder you trust, this is the part where you can sit back and watch it all take place.

Clean-up and Handover (aka the really exciting part) 

Needless to say, with any home renovation project, there’s a bit of mess involved. At this point, we clean it all up and make sure you’re happy with the final product.

Ready to Get Started?

Interested to learn more about how to plan a home renovation? At the Award Winning Group, we manage your project from start to finish – from inside to outside your home. We have an expert drafting and design services Brisbane team that will make sure your plans are aligned with the final product.

In fact, this is probably one of the greatest benefits of our service. However, it’s not the only benefit. Consider us your local renovations Brisbane experts. We are keen to quote on any part of your Brisbane home renovation and will always go above and beyond to ensure that your newly renovated home is everything you’ve always wanted.

Experience the Award Winning difference today by getting in touch with our home renovations team on 0423 296 698 and let’s turn the vision of your dream home into reality.

Updated 25 August 2020

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