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Modern Granny Flat Ideas That Transform a Home

Granny flats are no longer the tired-looking brick homes they used to be, nor are they only seen at the back of regional properties. With the rising cost of living, more and more Australians are adding granny flats to their properties to keep the family together and take care of their elderly parents. Luckily, many builders offer modern and sleek granny flats without the luxurious price tag attached, meaning more families can afford a high-quality granny flat that not only matches their property but is a comfortable home for years to come. If you’re in the market for a granny flat or think your current one requires a little TLC, we’ve put together our best granny flat ideas in our article below.

Modern granny flat ideas

Granny flat ideas #1: Granny flat/pool house

Channel your inner orange country by making your detached granny flat double as a pool house. Originally designed to simply be a small area where swimmers could get changed, a pool house now operates very similarly to a granny flat – usually housing a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. These modern pool houses typically extend out into an outdoor entertainment area where the pool is located and can be as small or as grandiose as a budget can afford. If you plan on selling your home in the future, a granny flat/pool house combo makes a strong selling point and increases the ambience of your property.


 Granny flat extension ideas #2: Install a pop-up deck

 For a nan that loves nothing more than sipping a cup of tea and enjoying the outdoors, you can’t go past a nice deck. Adding in a small deck to a granny flat not only adds character but also makes use of the outdoor space. Whether it’s for soaking in the sunshine or entertaining guests, a deck is a stylish and functional space that encourages collaboration. It also offers the added benefit of contributing towards your home’s value, as decks are a much-desired commodity. For the ultimate granny flat layout ideas, consider installing a wrap-around veranda so guests can sit back and relax with the option of 360 views.

Small granny flat ideas

Granny flat layout ideas #3: Hybrid areas

If you need small granny flat ideas, hybrid areas are the way to go. One of the most common living space mashups we see is kitchen and laundry hybrids that utilize smart storage. This usually involves having the washing machine and dryer in a little nook in the kitchen where it can be hidden with doors or having foldable ironing boards and cut out shelving. Combining areas with similar utilities is a great way to conserve space and can even make doing chores all the easier.


Granny flat ideas #4: Upgrade the kitchen

When you’re dealing with a small space like a granny flat, you need to make the most of it – and most granny flats fall a little ‘flat’ in the kitchen department. Though simple one colour cabinetry and lone kitchen island do the job, they hardly inspire the imagination. A renovation company can breathe new life into a boring and outdated kitchen and can be as simple as changing the fixtures and fittings, lighting or replacing vinyl cabinetry with something a little more stylish. Or if the tiles are looking a bit tired, updating the kitchen with timber look vinyl flooring can make it feel brand new again.

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