Luxury home renovation.

Luxury Home Renovation Ideas

Since 2020, renovating our homes has taken a significantly different approach especially when adding a touch of the high life. As we move on to this year and years to come, we re-evaluate how we live and the luxury home renovation ideas we may have and want to put into place. With an impossible to predict future, it’s important to add a touch of glamour and practicality to our homes.

Renovations should always aim to consider two factors; how to make your how comfortable (with the addition of also making it stylish at the same time) and how to make investments in your renovations to add value for re-sale. We look at the top luxury home renovation ideas for both those who want to add a bit of luxury to their existing home as well as homeowners who are looking to renovate a luxury home and are looking for further ideas.

How to add some luxury to your existing home

As the heart of most people’s home, the kitchen is one of the first places people look to renovate. Currently trending, kitchen islands (and double island benchtops) are gaining popularity as it becomes a fantastic place to entertain whilst also being visually striking.

Many people are opting for marble countertops for a seamless modern look that suits styles ranging from everything industrial to a classy Hamptons look. We’d recommend using the same marble for both the benchtops as well as the backsplash for the ultimate kitchen makeover. One of the top luxury home renovation ideas is adding accents that add a pop of sophisticated style to your kitchen. Whether it’s gold or matte black handles and taps to pendant lighting, there are many simple ways to add a touch of luxury. When updating your kitchen, it is critical for it to be both functional and beautiful so remember to try to utilise your space to add hidden storage where you can.

Similar to the kitchen, bathroom renovations are common and a great place to start. Steering away from the usual all white tiles and look, why not add a splash of colour or texture with marble, timber, or feature tiles? The best part is, if you don’t have enough in your budget to change the complete layout, adding new tiles, lighting or tapware are easy touches to adding some luxury to your bathroom. As a handy style tip, brass and gold fixtures are very on trend and will also be great timeless pieces that will look great for years to come.

Don’t forget if you have an older home that preserving the finer heritage details is a stunning visual feature that must be kept! After all, as the saying goes, what is old can be truly new again so any original skirting, ceiling roses, or moldings will only add character and a luxurious old charm to your home.

Although not everyone may have the space for it, one of the ultimate luxury home renovation ideas would be adding in a pool and some immaculate landscaping. Adding a pool to your home not only instantly helps to increase the value of your home but it can completely transform your lifestyle. If you already have a pool and would like it renovated, then get in touch with Award Winning Group for the best pool renovations Brisbane locals love.

How to renovate a luxury home

If you’ve recently bought your very own slice of paradise but would like to further spruce it up so you can live in the epitome of an extravagant lifestyle then these luxury home renovation ideas might be what you’re after!

Let’s start with the outdoors. If you would rather spruce up your space outside, adding some stunning and eye-catching landscaping is the perfect option. From large, rock retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and showers, and sculpted gardens, you’ll be adding value to your property whilst also creating the ideal garden area to entertain or relax in. After all, no matter where you live, outdoor space after the past year of quarantining and COVID has drastically shifted with it becoming far more valuable for future sale and to be a luxurious alfresco sanctuary during uncertain times.

One of our favourite luxury home renovation ideas for the kitchen or bathroom is adding sensor touch appliances. From installing voice recognition systems to dim the lights, high- tech toilet seats and bidets and hidden in cupboard fridges and appliances, there’s new technology for everyone that illustrates luxury. If you have space, go the extra mile in all things luxury to your spaces with butler’s pantry’s and servery windows for kitchens and walk-in showers with luxurious big rain or double showers and freestanding soaking bathtubs for bathrooms.

When it comes to one of the easiest ways to spruce up a room or home, a simple change in paint colour or adding accent walls can make a huge difference. Add your own personal feel with either deep and bold colours or lighter tones. Keep in mind that colours that are lighter will help to make a room or space feel bigger whilst darker colours can make a space look cozier. Plus, if you’re planning on living in your home for a while, why not have a look at what wallpapers and different colour choices there are too?

Lastly, but certainly not least having a look at your overall drafting and design to whole house renovations. Adding barn doors to elevate and divide your open plan living, helps create storage spaces that are functional yet aesthetically pleasing, glamourous walk-in wardrobes or simply adding skylights to enable more natural light to your space, there are many ways to add sophisticated style to your home. This can be done with a trusted home renovation company to help make all your luxury home renovation ideas come to life.

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury to your home? Request a quote online, call or email us today so we can help make your dream home a reality.

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