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Laundry Renovation Ideas

The laundry is one of the most used rooms in a home, but also one of the most underappreciated. Some don’t like doing the washing, and others find it therapeutic, but regardless, there comes a time when laundry rooms need a little TLC to bring them to life and provide an inviting or relaxing atmosphere. This year, renovations have skyrocketed, and laundry renovation ideas are not hard to come across.

In this blog, we’ve collated some of the best laundry renovation ideas to inspire you to transform your own space, adding your personal touch to a room that typically gets left behind.

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Our Favourite Laundry Renovation Ideas

This year we’ve seen an influx of renovations with trends going haywire across the globe. Maximalism is at it’s peak, and homeowners are dedicated to created spaces that truly define who they are while bringing a touch of character to their homes.

Washer & Dryer Combo

The world of technology is fast advancing, and the laundry hasn’t been left behind! With a new wave of appliances being unveiled every single day, it makes total sense that our washing machines and dryers have seen some major upgrades. To make life ten times easier, you can now purchase a washer and dryer combo with updated cycles to suit your laundry the way you want it to. Offering gentler cycles, more options, eco-friendly solutions and so much more, doing the washing can now feel at least a little more satisfying.

Updated Cabinetry

Renovations always call for a facelift when it comes to the colour, texture and style of your cabinetry. Move away from the standard stark white cupboards and sink into something more regal or on trend. In the last few years, we’ve seen a major shift from your general modern designs and more of the Hamptons design style. This applies to laundries as well, could you believe? Not only have we noticed the Hamptons style, but there have been a lot of heritage, dark wood, and light oak being transformed into the form of cabinetry as well.

To add the cherry to the cake, consider applying black, gold, or copper handles with their own little accent – giving your cabinetry a tough of glamour and personality where it belongs.

Textured Splashback

Feature tiles are one of the best ways to bring a room to life, and with a laundry renovation, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to make a conscious change. Concrete look tiles have become increasingly popular over the last twelve months, bringing an industrial yet chic look to the modern-day laundry room. Paired with dark toned cabinetry, and an LED strip light along the top of the cabinets, you’ve essentially got yourself a luxe styled laundry that will be the envy of all.

For added texture you could opt for the popular textured white subway tiles or something alike, bringing a focal point to your space while allowing you to change up your décor without needing to worry about your tile colour.

Optimal Storage

When it comes to storage in the laundry, we know space can become limited. But there is a lot of unused space that you may not realise is right under your nose. Above your sink, washing machine or bench space, consider installing sets of floating shelves – here, you can add crates or baskets where you’re able to store your laundry detergent, powders, and additional laundry materials that you’d rather have out of sight. If you’re struggling to find extra space for drying your clothes, you can have a drying cupboard installed overhead where railings can be pulled out from the cupboard, extending an in-house drying rack that also sits out of the way.

Looking for More Laundry Renovation Ideas?

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