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Kitchen Trends 2021 and Beyond

Entering the new year there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating the spaces we live in. Now more than ever, we are focusing on what we want to improve on our homes both functionally and stylistically.

Arguably the most important space in everyone’s house is the kitchen. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook and eat, with many integrating their daily tasks and lives there too. From watching shows on a laptop, studying or being the casual central entertaining area, this multifunctional room has many purposes, so why not make it look the part too?

This week, our team looks at what kitchen design trends 2021 has to offer, from bold colour choices to clever new inventions, there’s something for everyone from functionality, durable finishes, and quality products.

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What’s New with Kitchen Trends 2021?

Textures and grains such as marble, quartz and wood are making a significant resurgence.


One of the most popular emerging 2021 kitchen trends is the return of strongly veined marble that exudes luxury and a sophisticated style. Typically used as a statement countertop, marble can also be incorporated on the walls and as splash backs.

Wooden finishes have also made a popular revival throughout the house since last year and including it as either the main feature or subtle highlights is a great way to add a touch of elegance to any home kitchen. Subtle grained woods such as light oak or walnut help to create a light, breezy atmosphere and perfectly integrates with neutral colour palettes, offering a particularly calming and inviting feel when natural light is involved.

Alternative textures such as concrete is has become a modern twist for the industrial look in kitchens especially when paired with bold statement colours and pendant lights.

One of the most popular kitchen trends 2021 has brought is the contrast of textures. For example, an option of including matte finishings such as black or gold handles and taps along with organic elements like wood grained cabinetry and marble benchtops, may seem overwhelming, but creates a wonderfully cohesive space.

Although it may seem daunting to take that leap in contrasting textures, our renovation builders Brisbane team can guide you through the process and help you plan and implement modern finishings like a new marble countertops or updated wooden cabinetry; So why not get in touch for some help today!


Although the classic all-white never goes out of style in the kitchen (especially together with the current trend of pairing with natural wood and granite), adding sleek matte black or gold touches in terms of lighting, sink and tap fixtures or changing door handles is one of the 2021 kitchen trends that you can easily get on board.

At the end of 2020, Dulux announced that their colour of the year was named Brave Ground which encompassed a natural, earthy palette ranging from terracotta and deep reds to forest greens and country browns. By including tones like this, you’ll not only notice a sophisticated and warming presence to your home but also be very ‘on-trend’.

One of the boldest kitchen trends 2021 has to offer is the option of incorporating bold colour choices or unexpected pairings in the kitchen. Take a leap of faith and include vibrant and intense colours to enforce an effortless style to a modern kitchen. Some of the most popular colour choices are green and orange especially when combined with natural lighting (or incredible decorative lights).

Darker tones such as navy-blue cabinets with an all-white kitchen for a Hamptons feel or black and dark grey with metal and concrete for a contemporary approach are kitchen design trends 2021 has in store that will last for years to come

Smart technology

Last but certainly not the least, is the future of living with smart technology appliances. One of the top 2021 kitchen trends is the contemporary designs of everything ranging from push-open and close cupboards, handle-less drawers to technological advances such as voice activated smart systems. This free-flowing kitchen design allows for multi-tasking and a new age of living.

Although it may not seem like a new, smart technological innovation, built in refrigerators in various formats and other appliances in hidden drawers are all now at their peak in kitchen fashion.

There are even smart refrigerators that help to control the supply of water and show you the weather, and through the main access screen can link up to your entire smart home system. With cool drawers and built-in microwaves and ovens, everything is moving towards a more seamless look and function. The possibilities to incorporate these new systems are endless and easy for experienced renovation builders like Award Winning Group.

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