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5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Upgrading and updating any space in your home is an exciting but difficult task and coming up with functional yet striking ideas may be taking up too much of your time. The kitchen is the centrepiece of a home, it’s where the home cook preps and serves meals, where entertaining and hosting takes place, and it’s where you teach your young’uns to create their first simple meal for when they get older. Going into the kitchen shouldn’t give you a feeling of exasperation, but more a feeling of pride and excitement. That’s why our North Brisbane builders make it a priority to create an amazing space for every home chef.

Here are our favourite kitchen renovation ideas to get you inspired.

Functional Kitchen Ideas

Replace or Recreate Your Cabinets

Simply adding a lick of paint and new handles to your cabinets could be the ultimate facelift that your kitchen needs. If you’ve been living with those 70s styled orange cabinets, it’s time to rethink the palette of your space. Adding a lighter shade of paint to your cabinetry could instantly brighten your entire kitchen while creating the illusion of more space to move around and complementing this with contrasting handles and fixtures is the cherry on top. Think heritage style grey-blue cabinetry with striking silver handles, or even a gorgeous matte black with brushed gold fixtures. This is where you can get creative with colours and textures.

Tips for Kitchen Design Layout

The layout of your kitchen is the most important aspect of designing and remodelling as the floorplan will determine how you move throughout the space and the functionality of your everyday tasks. If you’ve been searching ‘tips for kitchen design layout’ then look no further, because our functional kitchen ideas are sure to help.

Our first tip is to make sure your kitchen island isn’t too close or too far from your major appliances as you need space for your doors to swing open such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and low-set ovens. Another one of our major tips is to consider the position of your stove and where the ventilation/exhaust fan will go. Nowadays, it’s possible to have a floating exhaust fan sitting above your island bench, but budget wise, it’s less expensive to position the exhaust fan or ventilation system against the exterior wall. This also allows you the opportunity to place your sinks on the island where most of the food preparation takes place.

Add Extra Space

One of the most sought-after kitchen renovation ideas is how to implement extra space for storage and functionality. Whether you have a small kitchen, or you just want to add some more space to your zone, this is one of our favourite functional kitchen ideas that we’re sure you will appreciate. Concealed storage is becoming a popular staple in the modern kitchen as it keeps your dishes and appliances out of sight and out of mind while creating a seamless situation for your kitchen. This is a great and convenient design for pull-out pantries as well, where your spices, dry goods, oils, and sauces can be tucked away.

One more of our favourite functional kitchen ideas is utilising the space above your windows. Simply add a shelf above the frame of your existing kitchen window, and set your bowls, chopping boards, pots and pans neatly on top.

Change Your Backsplash

In your kitchen, you can create a statement out of almost anything, whether it’s a stylish island, state-of-the-art cabinetry, or even your backsplash. If you’re the type of person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals, you’re probably standing over the stove quite often. Adding a statement backsplash to your wall could be the best way to bring your space to life and create a piece of art that draws the eye. Subway tiles, patterned tiles, textures tiles and more, there are an array of tiles on the market that we could install to create a stunning zone for your brand-new kitchen. Paired perfectly with upgraded cabinetry and your new benchtop, your backsplash is the perfect accompaniment to top it all off.

Upgrade Your Benchtop

Our final tips for kitchen renovation ideas you’re sure to be inspired by is upgrading and replacing your kitchen benchtop. Changing the way your benchtop looks can completely transform your entire kitchen, much like painting your cabinets. From a basic, outdated laminate or timber benchtop to a striking and durable stone benchtop, you’ll be wondering why you never made the switch earlier. Although laminate and timber are affordable options, the repairs can get pricy when damage is done. Installing a benchtop that can handle the knocks, drops, and give a stunning touch, is better for the longevity and value of your kitchen.

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