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Kitchen Design Tips for Your Kitchen Makeover

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, chances are you’ve got quite a few ideas of what you’d like your dream kitchen to look like. And while sifting through Pinterest for some kitchen inspiration is fun, it’s all too easy to get carried away with the look of a kitchen while forgetting the importance of functional design. But if it’s your first time renovating a kitchen, you may find yourself at a loss for functional kitchen ideas or ways to maximise the space of a small kitchen with effective storage solutions. To help you, we’ve created a quick guide of kitchen design tips and some tried and tested small kitchen makeover ideas.

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Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen design tips #1: Plan the layout

Before you begin building your kitchen, take some time to consider the intended use of your kitchen space and the sorts of things you might want to incorporate into the design. For example, if you have a large family or enjoy throwing dinner parties, consider whether you want to have a large kitchen bench that will allow for seating. Or, if you have less room to work with, it might be beneficial to work with a designer to figure out how you maximise the use of your space through clever storage solutions or by removing unnecessary cabinetry.

Kitchen design tips #2: Make the most of your storage space

If you’ve ever had a kitchen bursting at the seams with pots, pans and various knick knacks, you know how painful it can be to find what you need. No matter the size of your kitchen, incorporating clever storage space into your design can help streamline your cooking experience and maximise the space of your kitchen. This might include building a large walk in pantry with lots of shelving space and employing the services of a utility trolley that you can wheel in and out, or installing a foldable kitchen table you can pack away. These are just some of the functional kitchen ideas you can use to make sorting through kitchen utensils easier.

Tips for kitchen design layout #3: The kitchen triangle

The kitchen triangle refers to the distance between your sink, cooktop and fridge. Ideally, as the three most used fixtures in a kitchen, you want to be able to move between them relatively easy. Each point of the triangle represents a key duty in the kitchen (selecting, preparing and cooking food) that creates a rotational flow of movement. In addition to these three points, you should also factor in, adequate food preparation space within the boundary (ideally directly across from the stove).

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An example of the perfect kitchen triangle (Alex Qian, Pexels)

Tips for kitchen design layout #4: Add lots of power points

Nobody wants to clog their kitchen up with long, unsightly extension cords, so consider being generous with the number of power points installed. If your kitchen island is a popular place for people to congregate, adding in some USB ports or pop up power systems will ease up the need for appliances to be temporarily unplugged if someone needs to charge their phone. This will also encourage people to use the kitchen as a social place, which gives you some company while you cook!

Small kitchen makeover ideas

 If you’re pressed for space, you’ll want to make the most out of your kitchen by thinking wisely about the layout. Simplicity and illusion are key to working around a small kitchen, as you can incorporate visual elements to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it really is. A crisp, neutral colour scheme paired with the right downward lighting can make your kitchen appear roomier, as can blending the colour scheme of surrounding rooms (if your kitchen is open plan). Flexible storage elements help ease stations of clutter and can be as simple as hanging a pegboard or installing shelving units.

 Some small kitchen makeover ideas include:

  • Using tops of cabinets as storage space for least used items
  • Use windows as storage space
  • Hanging a magnetic knife rack
  • Using the insides of your cupboard doors to hang lids
  • Buying a utility cart for sauces and spices

Kitchen makeovers Brisbane

We hope we’ve given you some good kitchen design tips to incorporate into your kitchen makeover. If you’d like to chat with some North Brisbane Builders for some advice on improving the look and function of your kitchen, contact us and a member of our team will get in touch soon. Or check out our blog on ‘2020 home design trends’ for some more inspiration.

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