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House Extension Ideas

Revitalising a space within your home can be one of the best ways to add a touch of charm and individuality to your original layout. Whether it’s in the form of a new bedroom, a study space, or an outdoor entertaining area, adding extensions is a way to bring your home back to life.

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6 House Extension Ideas

Kitchen extensions

Adding bifold doors to your kitchen is the perfect way to bring the outside in while allowing a stream of natural light to brighten the room. They take up little space, require low maintenance and add an aesthetic element to your pre-existing layout. For those who enjoy a tranquil or resort-style feel, this is the greatest way to create a scene that gives you a permanent experience.  

Covered patio or deck

Installing a covered patio or deck is a match made in heaven with your bifold kitchen doors. Not only does this expand your ability for entertaining, but it also gives your backyard a sense of relaxation and comfort. Not only that, but this is a great zone for kicking back while monitoring the kids or pets as they run around on the grassed yard.  

These work as small house extension ideas and single story extension ideas as a covered patio or deck increases the ability to hang out outdoors more often while at the same time opening up your home, giving you a sense of more space on the inside.

Home office extension

One of the most relevant and recently requested house extension ideas comes in the form of a home office. As people get used to working from the comfort of their homes, it only makes sense for a home office extension to be on the cards. In an area where work will be getting done on a near day-to-day basis, creating an atmosphere that relaxes and encourages your workflow can go a long way to improving productivity while working from home.

If the change in circumstances has taught us one thing, it’s that working at the kitchen table, or sitting on our bed is not a feasible way to get our jobs done. A home office extension is pertinent for concentration, quality of life, and getting work done with a clear mind.

Heritage home extension ideas

Large heritage homes hold a key character aspect to the area that they are situated in, and once you have gotten through the hustle and bustle of applications and requests with council, adding the modern touch to your home can give it some newfound life.

Adding an extra room or even a second level can be a pricy investment, but the outcome is striking. If your home is built with classic red brick, there is no need to lose it to make it look brand new again. Simply add grey or charcoal tones to your extension and give your home that industrial and contemporary feel that it deserves.

Carport extension

One of the most convenient home extension ideas is a carport. These installations help with maintaining the longevity of your vehicle, preventing damage from the sudden change in weather and they don’t cost need to cost a pretty penny to build.

For single story extension ideas or small house extension ideas, you could extend your garage with a carport over the driveway, creating more covered space for maximum protection.

Sunroom or storage space

Buying a home with a sunroom is a dream come true for a lot of homeowners, but you don’t need to move away to get this added to your home. Adding a sunroom extension can be the key to solace and relaxation in a world where everything moves at a fast pace. The best thing about adding a sunroom is that those with growing families can double it as extra storage space or convert it completely into an extra bedroom.

The possibilities with sunrooms are endless. Adding a glass ceiling to allow for natural lighting, with bifold doors and timber accents, you’ll be sitting in a tranquil oasis in no time.

Ready to transform your home?

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