Frequently Asked Questions – Builder FAQ and Renovation FAQ

We get many questions in our line of work, and we are continually expanding our builder and renovation FAQ page. Continue reading for our answers to the most commonly asked questions and check back often for updates.

Question: What services do you provide?

Answer: Our home improvement services range includes drafting and designhome buildingrenovationsretaining wall construction Brisbane wide, pool renovations, we are also a well-known Brisbane landscaper.

Question: What renovations do you do?

Answer: As your North Brisbane Builders, we can help you with general home renovations Brisbane wide, kitchen makeovers Brisbane wide and bathroom renovations Brisbane wide.

Question: Where do you build?

Answer: Although we are primarily North Brisbane builders, we are happy to discuss projects in the Greater Brisbane area and potentially beyond. For a full list of suburbs which we service, please visit our “Request a Quote” page and refer to the “Suburb” drop-down list. Otherwise, give us a call at 0423 296 698 or request a quote online and select “Other Suburb” if you cannot see your location listed.

Question: Do I need my own plans?

Answer: If you are planning the home of your dreams and are not sure how to turn it to reality, we can help you with our award-winning drafting and design services and then make it happen.

Question: How much does a house cost per square metre?

Answer: This is not an easy question to answer as the price of your new home or renovation will be driven by you, your requirements and needs as well as your budget. Request a quote online and tell us more about your project; we are always happy to help you achieve your vision and will work with you to help and make it happen.

Question: Are you a QBCC licenced builder?

Answer: Yes, we are. In Queensland individuals and companies must hold a QBCC licence to carry out any building work value over $3,300; building work valued over $1,100 where it involves hydraulic services design; building work of any value where it involves: drainage, plumbing and drainage, gas fitting, termite management – chemical, fire protection, completed residential building inspection, building design – low rise, medium-rise and open, site classification. Note: The value of building work includes all labour and material costs, regardless of who supplies the materials. The source of this information and more details can be found at

Question: Can I request a quote online?

Answer: Yes, you can request your quote online at

Question: What type of homes do you build?

Answer: We custom build designer homes, however, we are primarily a home renovation company

Question: Can I bring my own plans?

Answer: Although we offer drafting and design services, yes, you still may bring your own plans.

Question: Do you have or use standard plans?

Answer: No, our designs are custom.

Question: Do you have your own architect?

Answer: Yes, we do.

Question: How long does it take to build a house on average?

Answer: On average, it takes our home builders three months to complete a build.

Question: Will I have to move out during construction works?

Answer: Possibly, this largerly depends on the renovation. Contact our renovation builders to discuss the details of the work you require and we will be able to provide your more details.

Question: Are we allowed through our home while it’s under construction?

Answer: Yes you are.

Question: Do you offer fixed price contracts?

Answer: Yes, we do. Contact us for a quote today to get started.

Question: How do I pay?

Answer: Stage claims related to progress claim schedule. Contact us for details.

Question: Do I need to arrange insurance myself?

Answer: No, there is no need for you to arrange for insurance. We do organise that.

Question: Do I need certification or council approval?

Answer: Yes, you certainly do, however, we organise that for you.

Question: If I need certification or council approval, can you take care of that for me?

Answer: Yes, in fact, it’s part of our service from the start. Please see the answer to the previous question.

Question: Does your work come with a warranty? What kind of warranty does your work come with?

Answer: Our work comes with a standard 6.5 year structural warranty as per QBCC regulation.

Question: Will you work by the hour?

Answer: Yes, depending on our workload. Contact us to discuss your needs and situation.