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Ensuite Renovation Ideas

If your ensuite looks as though it’s seen better days or could use with a new design, there are plenty of renovation options available. In today’s blog, we look at ensuite renovation ideas for bathrooms of every size, and some of the common trends we expect to see more of this year.

Ensuite renovation ideas

Ensuite renovation ideas #1: Upgrade bathroom fixtures

If you’re looking to renovate on a budget, upgrading your bathroom fixtures is a simple way to breathe some life into a bathroom. This might include changing an old sink into a modern, above basin sink, switching a dated tile bathtub for a gorgeous freestanding tub or adding in a shower/bathtub combination. Upgrading fixtures offers a cost-effective solution to changing the look of your bathroom and help to add value to your home.

Ensuite renovation ideas #2: Switch to a double vanity

Double vanity ensuite bathrooms are fast becoming popular, as they offer extra space and can also help a family save on time during busy mornings. It allows people to get ready at the same time without fear of taking up space or getting in each other’s way. The extra basin room also means you won’t have to worry about bottles spilling everywhere are one person taking up too much room. Of course, a double vanity is quite large, so you’ll need a sizeable bathroom to accommodate it.  

Ensuite renovation ideas #3:  Rain showerhead

Like double vanities, large or dual showerheads are becoming all the rage now and are a key fixture many homeowners state draws favourable feedback. Not only do rain shower heads allow the water to reach every part of your body but they also come with more pressure customisation options than standard shower options. As the large shower head reaches more of your body at once, you can also cut down on the time you spend in the shower, resulting in less money spent on water bills.

Small ensuite renovation ideas #5: Mounted vanity

Mounted or ‘floating’ vanities are one of the best small ensuite renovation ideas, as it helps to save precious floor space. Often, traditional vanities take up more space than needed and provide more storage than is necessary – especially if you’re living with a small number of people. These types of vanities suit modern style bathrooms as they can look odd if mixed with traditional fixtures. They also shouldn’t be used in homes with small children, as a mounted vanity can collapse if climbed on frequently. However, if you’re looking for a charming storage unit that saves on space, a mounted vanity is a terrific option.

Statement fixtures

One of the biggest trends we see sticking around is statement fixtures such as matte black, brass, and polished nickel faucets. If you’re looking to have a statement feature in your bathroom and can’t afford a clawfoot tub or fancy double shower, opting for different materials for your fixtures is a cost-effective way of drawing focus and adding some dimension to a room. Combined with a bowl dish style sink and marble benchtop, and your bathroom will exude class from every corner.

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