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Edible Garden Ideas, Tips & Inspiration

Interested in learning how to incorporate edible garden ideas into your landscape gardening? Do you want your garden to be functional, as well as pretty? A well thought out landscape can add value, style and flair to your home, but it can do so much more. Your garden is an untapped resource of flavour, colour and sustainability – why not make it edible?

An edible garden has many virtues, the most obvious being that you can, of course, eat it. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as using herbs, fruits and vegetables that you’ve grown yourself to nourish your family or throw a sophisticated dinner party.

Here at AWG, we do not offer a gardening service, but we do regularly provide the perfect garden framework – fences, garden beds, turf, paths and retaining walls, to neaten up your landscape and make your edible garden a success now and in the future. Our clients bring us their vision, and we find and build a garden structure to suit.

If you dream of tomato plants, rosemary and lettuces all in a row, here are some ideas for where to start with edible gardening.

5 Edible Garden Ideas, Inspiration & Tips to Get Started Today!

Beautiful and practical

Edible Gardens don’t have to take the form of a veggie patch. You can scatter edible plants throughout your garden, like small hidden treasures in across the landscape. Edible plants such as red cabbage, nasturtiums and lemon trees look beautiful and can provide pops of colour in an otherwise green outlook. Rosemary can be planted instead of shrubs, and shade-loving herbs thrive under taller trees and fill the space.

Growing food in the Queensland sun

We all know that Queensland summers are hot, so ensure you mulch the area around your edibles, and water regularly. During summer, be prepared to water your herbs and veggies daily if needed! As with any plants, research and choose varieties that are suitable for warmer climates. Where possible, an irrigation system can help automate your watering and ensure your garden stays beautiful, even when you’re busy.

Making the most out of small spaces

We have good news for people with limited garden space – you don’t need a lot of room to grow food and get started with edible garden ideas; Strawberries, herbs and tomatoes can grow comfortably in pots or smaller areas. A sunny courtyard is an excellent space to grow food, especially if it’s close to your kitchen! In recent years, an expansive selection of dwarf fruit trees has come on the market too, meaning you are spoilt for choice when it comes to small-space options.

Getting started with growing edibles

Never grown edibles before? Here’s a list of easy-to-grow plants, perfect for beginners:


Mint is hardy, delicious and smells great. Pests usually leave mint alone, and it’s not as prone to disease as other plants in the herb family. A frequent watering will keep mint happy in your garden.

Green Beans

Beans are so satisfying to grow because they grow and produce food quickly.  A small trellis or a few stakes are all you need to get started. Fertilise your beans regularly to keep them producing!


Lettuce looks beautiful planted in rows, and it’s quick and easy to grow. Plant a new row every couple of weeks to ensure a consistent supply of lettuce for your summer salads.

Create a blank canvas

Whether you’re an advanced green thumb or a veggie garden novice, it helps to have a fresh space to start your edible garden project. Talk to us about creating a blank canvas for your gardening pleasure.

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Updated 18/01/2021

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