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Planning your dream home? Want to turn the vision in your mind into a liveable reality? At Award Winning Group (AWG), we have the capacity to make this happen. Simple imagine everything you want in your dream home and our drafting and design services Brisbane team will get to work and shape your vision using the latest technology and design tools. Your ideas and requirements are paramount, and the AWG designers and builders make sure your vision is met to the highest of standards.

Our drafting and design services division is nested within the larger Award Winning Group, offering full-service commercial and residential drafting, design and construction to our clients across the South East. Our in-house team have the skills, imagination and experience to design homes that will take your breath away. As the drafting and design work is completed in-house, you can benefit from a seamless transition from the planning and design phase through to the construction process. Want to find out more?

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Residential Drafting and Design Services Brisbane

Whether you are seeking an extension on your home, want to build an entirely new home, or need a granny flat built at the back, we can help with the drafting and design that sets the blueprint for the build. The success of your build is only as good as the preparation, which is why we have our in-house drafting services Brisbane team. We liaise with you and our drafting team directly to ensure that you remain 100% satisfied with the build as it looks digitally before we get started on the construction works. Then, as construction progresses, you will already know what to expect and exactly how things will look.

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As a leading construction and drafting company, our services are second to none. When you choose AWG for your residential drafting services Brisbane wide, we guarantee:

  • Quality drafting with a real focus on getting things right the first time around.
  • We listen to you when you tell us your vision and work hard to bring your vision to life.
  • We’re committed to creating spaces that are both beautiful and liveable.
  • Our focus is on sustainable builds that will endure and become classic homes that continue to grow in value.
  • We listen to understand – knowing that every design is unique, and your personal outcomes are considered carefully and incorporated respectfully with full functionality in the final build.

Commercial Drafting and Design Services Brisbane

Do you have a commercial project in the pipeline or one that you’re just scoping out? Let the team at AWG assist with our commercial drafting and design services. We can scope and draft commercial projects ranging from the boutique to large-scale developments. Whether you need a design for a restaurant, a childcare facility, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, or a retail outlet; we provide comprehensive and precise drafting and design.

When you choose the Award Winning Group as your commercial drafting company, you can build with confidence knowing:

  • We are fully insured and compliant with all commercial and residential building codes and standards.
  • You can be assured of quality craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal when it comes to commercial drafting and design.
  • Your budgetary needs are paramount, and we ensure that you are updated at every stage of the process.
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Reliable Brisbane Drafting and Design Services

We offer a comprehensive and turnkey solution to your residential and commercial builds. From the initial planning and design phase through to the drafting, approval, and build. The Award Winning team has the capacity to handle large scale contracts thanks to our superior project management skills and our commitment to efficient, quality work.

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We have been working in the Brisbane building and development industry for several years and continue to successfully operate in the construction space working with satisfied clients on both commercial and residential builds. We are committed to quality, and our team is made up of a diverse range of individuals whose complementary skills combine to create robust, modern designs.

At AWG, we can implement a complete design & build solution that suits your budget, your dreams, and your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Question

Drafting and design is the process of putting down architectural ideas down on paper to create a visual representation of those ideas along with a set of technical blueprints which can be used to turn those ideas and their representations to reality.

  • Design, in simple terms, is the process of visualising architectural ideas with a focus on how things are going to look when they are finished. It is the ‘what’ of a project.
  • Drafting is the ‘how’ of the same of the project – it is the creation of technical blueprints and plans which explain how to achieve the final product created in the design process.

Drafting and design services are key to a successful new home construction or home renovation project. They provide both a representation of an end result, the final product, along with a road map on how to get there. A proper set of plans outlines the scope of a project before it even kicks off, making it easier to stay within budget and on schedule. Plans help to identify issues before they even have the opportunity to become problems.

A residential drafter (or draftsman) draws plans and specifications for residential building projects. If you are renovating or building a new home and require a permit, it is likely that your plans will have to be drawn by a professional. Residential drafters are some of the professionals who can create drawings and documentation for residential buildings to be occupied by people.

If you need plans just to submit them to your council and for your contractor to follow, hiring a draftsperson can be an option available to you. However, drafters cannot oversee building projects which means that if you need the person who designed your house to also manage your project, you will likely need the help of an architect.

In most cases, yes, a draftsperson is indeed able to design a house. In fact, draftsmen are often thought of as specialists in the area of home design. That said, you always need to ensure you are following and complying with any and all applicable to you building codes in your area to make sure they are allowed to do so by the regulations.

The skills and qualifications of both draftsmen and architects overlap in many areas but typically, an architect can be a part of the entire project from the very early design and planning stages up until the project completion. A draftsman on the other hand, specialises in the creation of technical drawings for construction projects.

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