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Contemporary Wine Cellar Designs

Wine, and some form of storing it, has been with us since the earliest times. Today, there have never been more options and choices for the appreciation and keeping of the grape. We’re here today to talk about contemporary wine cellar designs and ideas for homes and businesses.

Our Contemporary Wine Cellar Designs

Every wine cellar is as individual as its owner. Many questions need to be asked and answered in the design. Beyond practical considerations of budget and available space, and the requirement to store wine properly, there are often some surprises. Contemporary wine cellar designs are about making it all look easy, but this is a specialty project. Whether your need is for wine cellar designs for home, or for commercial wine cellar design, professional guidance is the best way to a wine cellar that will give enjoyment and value for years to come.

Finding a Builder is the First Step

Award Winning Group has the experience and capability to create the wine cellar you are thinking of – or renovate and improve a cellar you already have. We are always ready with ideas and inspiration from successful installations. Feel free to get in touch for questions, renovation queries, and for any help at all by calling 0423 296 698 or by using the contact us form. We are one of the leading North Brisbane builders and we love to talk about wine cellars!

Contemporary Wine Cellar Designs and Ideas for You

Wine Cellar Designs for Home

·         Your lifestyle and personal tastes are key. To know how large, you’d like your wine cellar to be, you’ll want to know first of all how much wine you need at any time for current enjoyment. If you like to drink different varietals regularly, then label visibility will be important – as it will also be if you wish to display the contents of your cellar.

·         If you entertain frequently, you’ll need convenient storage for a larger quantity of bottles, probably of one or two favourite types. The same may apply if you give wine often as a gift.

·         You might want a more developed wine cellar with an area for pouring, tasting, and enjoyment. If space permits, this could include seating and even a sink.

·         Your wine cellar should always welcome you visually. Stainless steel and frosted glass? Oak and copper? Modern and traditional themes can be expressed in contemporary wine cellar design.

Commercial Wine Cellar Design for a Restaurant

·         Nothing elevates a venue quite like the ability to offer excellent vintages for their customers to enjoy, while the establishment enjoys the financial benefits and rewards to reputation.

·         A commercial wine cellar is likely to be a significant project, and construction must often be integrated into the workflow of existing food service. You should choose a designer and contractor who are experienced in this. They will be able to help you with the practical needs of space and access for your new cellar.

·         You’ll need to estimate how your new wine service may be received by patrons. They may choose to drink wine quite often, or it may turn out to be more associated with special occasions. How your patrons enjoy wine is of course the key to it all, and it directly influences how extensive your offerings may be.

·         You will probably want to start off with a few regularly available wines, and perhaps some special varieties by the season. Start small, plan carefully, and have realistic goals.

Commercial Wine Cellar Design for a Wine Shop

Less common than a restaurant or bar setting, and perhaps easier to manage because storage and presentation are the major if not the only utilisations. Scale is usually larger, and this brings its own challenges and opportunities. These wine cellars are very special projects, and you’ll definitely benefit greatly from the advice of professional and experienced designers and contractors.

We Want to Talk About Your Wine Cellar

Award Winning Group has the background and ability to answer your questions and meet your requirements for wine cellar designs for homes, and for commercial wine cellars. We are one of the best-established luxury builders Brisbane wide, and we would love to speak with you about your plans and needs. Call us on 0423 296 698 or reach us with the contact us form. It’s always a great day for wine, and now is a great time to start on the wine cellar of your dreams.

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