Classics you will love

Classics You Will Love

New space, old favourites

We’ve all got them. Old favourites in the style department we can’t let go of, ideas that permeate our consciousness and leave such a positive lasting imprint we replicate them again and again. As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery. And, these trends are classics for a reason. Some styles will never go out of fashion; include them in your space for a warm and reassuring feel. As a bonus, future buyers will appreciate the familiar aesthetic. Here’s our classic inspiration to get the wheels turning.

Create a comfortable home

Cosy plaid patterns add a homely feel to any space, creating warmth and contrast against any feminine styled space. These can be as simple as a cushion, or a throw, but if you’re loving plaid, you can go all out with a wallpapered feature wall.

For the practical amongst us, built-in shelving is not only aesthetically pleasing but saves space. Shelves offer utility without the bulk of added furniture. Additionally, built-in storage is recognised by real estate agents as a convincing selling point.

Is there anything more comforting than a fireplace? Even here in sunny Queensland, a fireplace adds a homeliness that can’t be beaten. A fireplace adds a rustic charm that goes beyond practical use. It can be the focal point of a bedroom, living space, or even a bathroom!

Speaking of bathrooms, it doesn’t get more classically styled than a soaking tub. There are thousands of options for a tub which will add a sense of luxury to your home. If you want to go all out, you can pair it with marble detailing for a luxe bathroom experience.

Stripes are an easy way to add a sense of classic style to your home. Perfect in the bedroom, or dining or living areas, striped upholstery is a favourite for a reason. Simple, straight lines, in a beige or navy blue, add timeless elegance to a room.

Bright, white kitchens are here to stay. Something about the clean lines and shiny surfaces screams classic elegance and adds a cozy feel. Just remember to install bright and beautiful light fixtures to balance and enhance the pure white surfaces.

Naomi Herbert
Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

How to make it happen

If you’re building, renovating or making small design changes, it’s fun to embrace the new. But don’t discount ideas because they’ve been around a while. Classic styles which have stood the test of time can combine with contemporary design. Talk to us about having someone out to your home for a personalised consultation.

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