Can a minimalist renovation spark joy?

Can A Minimalist Renovation Spark Joy?

Kondo your construction…

There’s no doubt that when it comes to contemporary home trends, minimalism is hugely popular and the success of Marie Kondo’s, ‘The Japanese Art of Tidying Up’, is a testament to this fact. Marie’s publication has inspired a cult-like following of avid fans asking if each of their possessions ‘sparks joy’.  We know this trend can be valuable inside the home, but what about the big picture? Can this approach be applied to renovation and construction? Absolutely.

Discover the benefits

The benefits of embracing minimalist building trends are inviting, from the upshot of creating eco-friendly living solutions to having less clutter to clean. However, perhaps the most exciting thing is the aesthetically pleasing nature of the designs. Clean lines, continuous finishes and a tendency towards natural materials leads to the creation of buildings which are as much a treat for the eye as they are for the environment.

Minimalist buildings focus on practicality and natural beauty. They allow you to use every space of your home for an intended purpose, with a ‘waste not, want not’ philosophy that inspires mindful living.

Tiny home, big life

So, how can you make minimalism part of your home renovation? One way to embrace this trend, particularly in well-populated urban areas, is through the construction of a ‘tiny-home’. Tiny homes are not only cost-effective to build but have the bonus of being incredibly low-cost to run, eliminating all that is unnecessary and focusing solely on shelter and use. Ranging in style from incredibly modern, to rustic nature cabins, the tiny home offers affordability, and functionality, with environmental friendliness thrown in to boot.

Of course, not everyone is ready for the tiny-home lifestyle. A tiny-home need not be your primary place of residence, it could be a granny flat, holiday home or studio office. A minimalist escape! Create an area in your home to clear your mind; a space that doesn’t take any extra effort to clean or maintain, but that provides you with peace.

Landscapes with purpose

Another great way to embrace minimalism is through fuss-free landscaping solutions. Pay particular attention to fencing and hedges – ensuring clean lines. Use neutral colours and natural materials, such as stone, to create a tranquil ambience.

There’s such a vast range of natural stone and timbers for decking, patio flooring and retaining wall construction. Funnily enough, it takes a bit of extra thought and consideration to get the ‘simple look’ just right. Get samples from your local supplier to find the right combination. Remember to avoid extremes in colour, texture and style. While a minimalist renovation might take more work in the beginning, the reward is worth the effort.

If you’ve been thinking about moving in a minimalist direction with your home or building, talk to us about how to make it happen. Ideally, the new approach will help you focus less on ‘things’, leaving more room to enjoy the experience of your new surroundings.

Image credit: Kari Shea

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