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Backyard privacy

Our modern-day backyard… There’s no better feeling than rising on a Sunday morning and strolling outside with your cuppa to breathe in that fresh morning air. That is unless you’re staring right at your neighbours doing the same. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and whilst it’s lovely to get to know your neighbours, most of

an old Brisbane house renovated to make new again.

Out with the old, in with the new

Or, so the saying goes… But, what if the old and new could live harmoniously, side by side? Here in Brisbane, Queensland we’re blessed with an incredible array of older homes. Think, iconic wrap-around verandas, high set bungalows, and multi-gabled roofs. All over our vibrant city, you will see fine examples of homes which have

renovation inspiration

Classics you will love

New space, old favourites We’ve all got them. Old favourites in the style department we can’t let go of, ideas that permeate our consciousness and leave such a positive lasting imprint we replicate them again and again. As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery. And, these trends are classics for a

design trends 2018 for indoor furnishing

2018 home design trends unveiled

The big reveal… 2017 has been a year of adventurous design trends. Driven by the popularity of shows like The Block, House Rules and Instagram (the oddly addictive home of #homeinspo), renovators and builders alike are taking more risks. Homeowners are ditching the boring beige paint and realising their independence. There’s a crazy, cool world

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Australian Native Landscaping

Go with the flow… Landscaping in the Australian climate can be challenging, but it’s a challenge worth embracing. As with so many things in life, the trick is to go with it, not against it. It all starts with choosing the right plants! Enter, natives. Plants which are native to Australia offer a plethora of

minimalist renovation tips pic

Kondo your construction… There’s no doubt that when it comes to contemporary home trends, minimalism is hugely popular and the success of Marie Kondo’s, ‘The Japanese Art of Tidying Up’, is a testament to this fact. Marie’s publication has inspired a cult-like following of avid fans asking if each of their possessions ‘sparks joy’.  We


Edible garden inspiration

Planning a garden… Do you want your garden to be functional, as well as pretty? A well thought out landscape can add value, style and flair to your home, but it can do so much more. Your garden is an untapped resource of flavour, colour and sustainability – why not make it edible? An edible

compare quotes for home renovations and spas

Apples or oranges… You’d have to be living under a rock to miss some of the incredible ‘bargains’ available to anyone who’s renovating, building or landscaping their home in the current market. These ‘too good to be true’ deals offer anything from pool installation to home extensions at a fraction of the price of most

Adding a deck, like this, will provide a return on your home renovation investment.

Build your own happy returns… Even if you plan on staying put, it’s helpful to know that the money you spend renovating will bring a return. For our friends the property flippers, a return means short-term monetary gain and the thrill of the experience. For most renovators, improved lifestyle will be all the value they

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