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Best Plants to Repel Mosquitos

As the world turns towards more environmentally friendly ways of living, chemical ridden insect repellants are also becoming safer to use inside the home. However, nothing beats using natures goodness to its advantage. You may not know, but there are a number of beautiful flowers and delicious herbs that can double as a deterrent or are even commonly used as an ingredient in repellants.

If you’re interested in knowing the best plants to repel mosquitos, we’ve gathered an informative list so that you can find the right plant for your garden or home.

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Best Plants to Repel Mosquitos


Although lavender emits a beautiful fragrance that’s enjoyed by many people, it’s one of the best plants to keep mosquitos away thanks to its beautiful aroma. It is said that mosquitos dislike the scent that lavender gives off, but it’s also been mentioned that it hinders the insects (along with house flies, fleas, and moths) ability to smell. To make this more effective, you can add posies of a lavender plant to your clothes drawers or cupboard to keep moths away; and to keep your clothes smelling nice.


If you’re looking for the best plants to repel mosquitos from coming inside your home, add some Marigolds to a pot and place them by the doors of your house. These flowers are easy to grow and bloom annually, making them a great resolution for keeping the bugs away. Marigolds are also a popular addition to gardens and veggie patches as they attract bees and other beneficial insects, while also deterring an array of other bugs and pests.


Catnip is known to be one of the best plants to keep mosquitoes away because of its effectiveness in comparison to mosquito sprays, being found to be ten times more effective (and less hazardous in the way of manmade chemicals). The catnip plant is extremely easy to grow and take care of and is actually more common than you think. Beneficial in both gardens and pots, you can sit your catnip anywhere around your yard to ward off those irritating mosquitos.  


Although basil is a great staple to most herb gardens, it’s also one of the best plants to repel mosquitos because of its pungent smell. To make this more effective, you can pot your basil plant and leave them near the main entrances of your home or in your alfresco areas, keeping the mosquitos away from the general traffic areas of your residence.

Citronella Grass

Also known as Lemon Grass, the citronella plant is known for its very distinct aroma and common use in natural mosquito repellants along with perfumes and toiletries. If you’re looking for a natural solution to keeping mosquitos at bay, investing in citronella grass will help as it’s known to be one of the best plants to keep mosquitos away. Another great use is its essential oils, meaning you can crush the leaves to release the oils, which will deter those pesky mosquitos more effectively.  


Many people grow mint in their gardens for the purpose of adding it to tea or summer beverages, however, mint is an extremely effective solution in creating natural mosquito repellants. If you’re still wondering what are the best plants to repel mosquitos, but one that can double for other uses as well, mint is a great alternative.

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