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The Best Bedroom Design Trends 2021

Bedrooms are a sanctuary of solace and peace and it’s where we go to rest and recuperate. Upgrades and renovations have become a staple for 2020 and 2021 and with bedrooms being one of the most common areas to transform, we believe that there has never been a better time to get started. From environmentally conscious room designs to complete layout flips, this is the year to go big or go home.

If you’re interested in renovating your bedroom but don’t know where to start, we’ve put together a list of bedroom design trends 2021 has seen and design trends that are up-and-coming.

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Bedroom Design 2021

Environmentally Friendly Materials

As the world turns to more environmentally conscious ways of living, designers to are finding eco-friendly ways of bringing the outside in. A popular bedroom design 2021 trend will continue to see is the use of recycled timber, treated brick, VOC paints, and hardwood flooring just to name a few.

These materials are some of the best to use when renovating or remodelling as they help with waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. Not only are they eco-friendly, but you can design your room to fit a variety of styles including coastal, rustic, industrial and vintage.

Natural Lighting

Throughout the last 12 months, we have truly learned the value of what mother nature has to offer. After being restricted from adventuring into the great outdoors, bringing the outside in is now a popular bedroom design 2021 trend, especially with incorporating natural lighting.

Letting the natural light into your bedroom is not only beneficial for your mental health and your overall wellbeing, but it removes the need for artificial lights which gives your eyes and skin a chance to breathe. By adding in windows, your new bedroom design will look open and inviting like never before. You’re also able to tailor your window frames to suit the style of your layout.

Conscious Storage

Whether you’re making do with your existing space or completely renovating your bedroom layout, it’s time to get creative with storage. One of the most innovative bedroom design trends 2021 and beyond is niche wall shelving. This is where extra space within a wall is cut out and utilised as a shelving unit. This has also been done for bedrooms where there is no space for a bedhead, instead, the wall is brought forwards and built halfway up, being transformed into a shelf that doubles as a bedhead where you can sit your trinkets, books, souvenirs or what have you.

Potential storage spaces are abundant throughout a home, hiding in areas that you wouldn’t even know about, and these niche units are an exceptional way of giving your room extra storage without taking away any existing space.  

Walk-In Wardrobes

While not unique to bedroom design 2021, the addition of walk-in wardrobes continues to be one of the most popular trends in home construction and renovations. If your home boasts a large bedroom with its own ensuite, it only makes sense to incorporate a striking wardrobe to top it all off. A walk-in is the luxury staple of any grand bedroom and should line up with your ensuite, include shades that tie in with your bedroom and also include materials, walls and flooring that make it a comfortable yet creative zone.

Wardrobe renovations are the greatest way to add extra storage space to your room as you can utilise the top of the wardrobe by turning it into a wall-to-wall shelf or implement drawers all along the bottom for a more streamlined look. Whatever the case, adding an extra room as a wardrobe is where you can take advantage and get creative with the new space. 

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