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Bathroom Trends 2021

2021 bathroom trends have seen renovations and makeovers skyrocket. They are the greatest opportunity to create inspiring layouts in your home and come up with innovative designs that can shape the building industry. In the last 12 months, we’ve all been home long enough to know what needs upgrading and what needs a change for good. There’s no better place to start than in the bathroom.

Here are some cutting-edge bathroom trends 2021 has since adopted, that will continue to expand and inspire beyond.

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Bathroom Design Trends 2021

LED & Backlit Mirrors

One of the most stylish 2021 bathroom trends is the LED mirror. You want your bathroom to be an oasis, and the vibe comes down to the minor details that you add throughout the space. LED mirrors are becoming a staple for modern-day bathrooms, with multiple shapes to choose between. From circles to ovals, round edge rectangles, squares and more, this design factor is sure to set the mood and make a statement.  

A variety of these mirrors also come with built-in demisters, Bluetooth connectivity (for music while you shower) and the ability to change the colour of the LED. Not only are these mirrors great for bringing the bathroom to life, but they are also energy efficient, making them an environmentally conscious addition. If that doesn’t say style, we don’t know what will.

Walk-In Showers

Implementing a walk-in shower will give your bathroom so much extra space and create the feeling of easy flow if you have a smaller bathroom. Having that single and seamless glass panel on one side of your shower will give the illusion of the layout being completely open, with no visual interruptions.  

These glass panels can be installed all the way to the ceiling or even just below, depending on your personal preference. You can get a square edged panel or even a retro styled curved edge specific to the design of your bathroom. Another trick to go along with your new walk-in shower is building it up onto its own step or platform which also gives the bathroom another ‘zone’ without eliminating any of the overall space. This is one of our favourite 2021 bathroom trends, as well all love that little extra space.

Statement Walls

Every room needs its feature and when it comes to renovating a bathroom, the greatest thing you can do is design a wall that simply pops! Depending on the style of the space, whether you’re going for an industrial feel, colonial, ultra-modern, or even retro or vintage, there are thousands of tiles and wallpaper to choose from.  

Concrete and timber look tiles are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom makeovers and renovations, creating a villa-style, Balinese oasis. For those who like to get crazy with the wallpaper, statement prints that take up all or half of the wall are a great addition to catching someone’s eye. You need to make sure you make the right decision though, as a feature could be the do or die of your new bathroom.

Exposed Plumbing

The industrial/warehouse look has been an acquired taste for quite some time, but bathroom trends 2021 and beyond have shown that there is a growing desire for bathroom renovations and makeovers. The main staple of the industrial style is the exposed plumbing against concrete style walls and could be a gorgeous statement to your next bathroom upgrade.

Coming in shades of brushed gold, copper and silver, the exposed pipes are a great way to add a touch of glam to your space, without taking away from the overall design.

Layout & Designs

One of the major bathroom design trends 2021 has seen is the personal retreat. With time spent at home, health and wellness have become the forefront of our lives and we’ve had to make do with what we’ve got. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create our own retreat.

Depending on your personal style, you could create a cabin retreat, a spa-style bathroom, an industrial oasis or an ultra-modern getaway. With an array of materials available nowadays, it’s no longer difficult to put your ideas to the test.  Enjoy ceilings with exposed beams, geometric wall tiles, timber cabinetry and concrete basins, the opportunities are endless.!

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