Backyard privacy

Backyard Privacy

Our modern-day backyard…

There’s no better feeling than rising on a Sunday morning and strolling outside with your cuppa to breathe in that fresh morning air. That is unless you’re staring right at your neighbours doing the same. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and whilst it’s lovely to get to know your neighbours, most of us would prefer to do so sans pyjamas, and post-coffee! As land sizes become smaller, and houses move closer together, backyard privacy is increasingly a consideration for homeowners.

Curtains of green

One way to achieve more backyard privacy is through the strategic use of plants. To start with, it’s really important to do your research. There’s no point in investing money and time into a range of plants that die in two weeks because conditions aren’t ideal. Have a think about the conditions you’re working with. Will plants need full sun, some shade, or a lot of water? The next step is to plant precisely and consider layering. Even a single tree might provide the privacy you need if you pinpoint exactly what you need to hide. Similarly, if it’s a large space you wish to block, consider layering plants to add depth and dimension. This technique has the added bonus of providing a line of defence against pest attacks.

As with any landscaping venture, it’s important to be realistic about maintenance. Make sure the plants you choose match the level of effort you will put into maintaining them. Hedges, for example, require a great deal of clipping and effort. However, if you love being in the garden on the weekend, clippers in hand, a clipped hedge can be a great choice!

Modern screening options

Not feeling a full plant blockade? Perhaps a low concrete, timber or brick wall which can be topped with colourful planters, is your style. Another option is a privacy screen or partition. There’s a huge range available, from bamboo to steel and timber, plus a variety of decorative options. Privacy screens don’t have to be boring. Many people opt to plant climbing vines to add a natural, vibrant effect.

A living wall can create an interesting statement which offers privacy to boot. A tall fence becomes a focal point by adding a vertical garden, using succulents, planters with herbs, or a simple jasmine vine.

If you just can’t decide, consider seeking professional assistance. A designer or landscaper can assess your options and help you find a style that suits you. 

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