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Australian Native Landscaping

Go with the flow… Landscaping in the Australian climate can be challenging, but it’s a challenge worth embracing. As with so many things in life, the trick is to go with it, not against it. This week, our landscaping team shares their top tips for incorporating Australian Native Landscaping into your backyard. It all starts with choosing the right plants!

Australian Native Landscaping Tips

Native Plants

Enter, natives. Plants which are native to Australia offer a plethora of advantages when it comes to creating eye-catching and practical landscapes.

Hardy, and used to the ever-changing extremes of the Australian climate, native plants take little maintenance to thrive.

Aussie favourites

The sheer size of our country means we have a diversity of climates and soils. Choosing the right natives for your location is essential. What works on the western side of our great southern land, may not necessarily work on the east coast.

However, there are a few incredible native plants which can thrive everywhere in Australia. Not least of all the resplendent, and highly coveted Kangaroo Paw.

Functional, and often economical, native plants require significantly less water than most introduced species. Particularly for Queenslanders, it’s good to know that they can hold their own through the harshest summer.

Spoilt for choice

Native shrubs, trees and flowers grow in harmony and offset each other beautifully. But perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of landscaping with natives is the sheer variety.

From the iconic Wattle Tree through to the distinct Australian Grass Tree and our small flowering Boronias, there are natives to suit any landscaping space or style. Natives come in an array of colours too, from the golden hues of the Orange Heliconia to the incredible bronze tones of the Cordyline Green Magic.

Australian-made gardens are also excellent for our environment. Native plants bolster our stingless bee population and attract and provide food for birds, butterflies and lizards. Connect animal and plant populations in your own backyard!

Per our edible gardening post, we don’t offer a gardening service. However, it helps to have a fresh space to start your garden project. Award Winning Group can create a blank and ideally structured canvas for your gardening pleasure.

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Updated 12/02/2021

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