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Apartment Renovation Ideas

If you’re looking to update your space or just need some inspiration, we’ve got a range of apartment renovation ideas to help you out! From tiny one bedroom to studio apartments, there are plenty of practical solutions to create storage and create a cozy, welcoming home.

Here’s our list of small apartment renovation ideas for you:

1.    When you’re trying to create zones or separate sections, partition walls are a great idea. Folding glass walls help to achieve a dynamic and flexible look that is also aesthetically pleasing. Installing pocket doors with glass windows are also becoming popular where they slide into the wall and help to create space or division when necessary.

2.    Modernising your kitchen with a ‘re-skin’ with modern appliances, new sink and faucet and an updated splash back makes a huge difference especially in a smaller space. The kitchen is the heart of any home no matter how big or small and it stands out even more when it’s the center of your small space. Gold or matte black finishing’s are very on trend at the moment and can be used in everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom and oozes sophistication when added to your small space. Try to keep it consistent throughout your place especially when having a small apartment.

3.    When it comes to knowing where to store things or what appliances to buy it can be tricky to do. Many people decide to mount their TV on the wall and add cabinetry in all areas of the house. There are many apartment renovation ideas when it comes to including specialty kitchens fixtures such as incorporating microwaves in your cabinetry and pull-out workspaces and countertops in kitchens. It helps to boost your bench space as an extra prep station and can be easily stored. Many professional builders can help you to install storage like this too.

Another of many small flat renovation ideas would be integrating floating shelving and clever cabinetry in small living rooms and one wall kitchens too. Try to exploit the space on top of furniture such as adding high-mounted bookcases to further utilise your storage and space but also helping to make the room feel taller and bigger.

4.    Lighting is a huge game changer when it comes to elevating your space. A current trend with light fittings is opulent pendant lights. There’s a range of lights that suit whatever space or style you’re after and will add a dramatic or chic look to your place. No matter who you talk to, when it comes to apartment renovation ideas, lighting is one the easiest ways to revamp.

5.    A super easy way to change up your space is to update the little details like your door handles. Make sure to keep it consistent throughout the place especially in a small apartment but it’s a great way to renovate and show your own unique flair. This can be applied to a wide range of aspects from taps to towel rails to adding skylights for natural lighting. Renovation builders Brisbane locals trust can help you to get this done.

6.    One of the top flat renovation ideas is a simple fresh coat of paint. Bold colours are making statements in 2021 but try to go for a colour that will stand the test of time and isn’t overpowering in a small space. For example, in a tiny room, a cheerful colour like a pale turquoise is a great way to create a happy, airy space.

7.    Finding pieces that serve more than one purpose is a great way of utilising space and being innovative at the same time. The best part is a lot of the time you don’t have to break the bank when doing it either. When you don’t have a separate guest room, investing in a comfy sofa bed is a practical idea but also is great for those nights when you just want to binge watch Netflix. Having tables that functions as a desk and a dining table or other instances of space saving.

8.    A big styling tip when thinking of small apartment renovation ideas is adding mirrors to your space to make it feel larger. In saying this as well, updating your mirrors to floating mirrors in your bathrooms or cabinets behind the mirrors are stylish and effective ways to renovate and create functionality at the same time.

Sometimes it can seem like there aren’t enough small apartment renovation ideas or they don’t fit into your space. It’s important to cater to what you have and what can be done with your space and budget. If you didn’t see any ideas that resonated with you from this list, get in touch with Award Winning Group to help with all of your apartment renovations today. Get in touch with them today and don’t be afraid to bring your apartment renovation ideas to them so they can bring to life your dreams.

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