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2020 Home Design Trends

What a year 2020 has turned out to be, and we are not even close to being done with it yet! With all the chaos unfolding in the world, many of us have been staying at home more, which means more time spent staring at that wall you want to paint or looking at your bathroom and thinking that it’s time to renovate. Whether you are looking for some design inspiration, are seeking some tips to get on top of the home renovation trends 2020 has in store, or just want to find out what sort of design features you can expect this year, read on!

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The Latest 2020 Home Design Trends

Every year it’s exciting to see what new renovation and design trends emerge as architects, builders, and interior designers create stunning homes for their clients. We have seen a range of trends emerge and want to share our picks for the year as it unfolds.

The home office

Our number one pick for 2020 house design trends would have to be the home office. Given that so many people have been working from home and making their living from their lounge room, we can see that plenty of people will be keen to make a more permanent space for working from the home. The current turmoil that the world is going through shows no signs of abating any time soon, which means that working from home could be the new status quo for many industries.

Dark prints and luxury designs for wallpapers, furnishings, and finishes

For a long time, people were focused on light colours and brights for their living and bedroom areas. But 2020 home design trends suggest that we are going to see a shift towards darker and more intricate prints and designs for the home. Think luxury, geometric prints, touches of gold and flecks of colour among natural and made elements, and you’ve got the picture. This trend is all about using every special space in your home for a purpose. Got a hallway that doesn’t stand out? Use wallpaper and pictures to turn it into a feature. Instagram accounts for inspiration include @divinesavages and @the_girl_with_the_green_sofa, but there are plenty more out there.

Smaller home footprints for eco-conscious living (but bigger bedrooms)

The world as we know it is changing rapidly. As more people grow conscious of the need to be mindful of resources, 2020 house design trends reflect this with smaller home footprints, larger outdoor areas, and thoughtfully designed bedrooms. People are choosing to spend time outdoors entertaining — especially in Queensland where our weather is second to none! But the desire for larger bedrooms reflects a desire for a space to retreat and enjoy one’s own company. Our drafting and design services at AWHI are seeing a focus on liveability in the home, with a real push for enhanced outdoor living as one of the key 2020 home design trends.

New Bathroom Trends 2020

The bathroom is such a critical part of the home and a well-designed bathroom can bring joy! Our new bathroom trends 2020 include:

  • Feature tiles and colours – We love the use of patterned and multiple colour choices in bathrooms. Whether it’s a stunning concrete tile or a feature wall of tiles in a wet area you can be certain of serious style that’s on point.
  • Stunning tapware – Gone are the days of a standard hot/cold mixer tap in your bathroom – you can expect a serious focus on tapware as a key bathroom trend of 2020.
  • Feature lighting – the bathroom has to strike the right balance between having enough light and being a relaxing and calming space to bathe and revitalise. Lighting that is specific to a task will only grow in use as 2020 marches on – think lighting around the vanity for makeup or grooming, but soft and dimmable smart lighting for everyday use.

Kitchen Design Trends 2020

The kitchen is so integral to the family – it’s a meeting place, a space to eat and the place where you catch up on the day’s events. Our top kitchen design trends 2020 predictions include:

  • Larger pantries – As more people turn to preparing their own food in the home and focus on sustainable living, the home pantry has taken on a new role in the kitchen. The home pantry of 2020 will boast more storage space and room for additional food stores, as well as dark and dry space for storing long-life items.
  • Hidden appliances – Hate the look of your fridge or dishwasher? The hidden appliance trend is not necessarily new, but it is certainly taking on new life in 2020. Your cabinets and cupboards will cover the front of any appliance you want to conceal, with access via soft-close doors.
  • Stand-out sinks – A big trend for kitchens in 2020 is the stand-out sink, where a deep-dish sink boasts enough space for you to wash stock pots and pans with ease. You can opt for a coloured sink or go for plain white – but whatever you choose you can be sure this will be a focal point for anyone visiting you home.

Bring 2020 Home Design Trends to life

We are excited to work with you to incorporate some of these 2020 home design trends into your home build or renovation. We love seeing how far design trends have come – and if you’d like to see more why not explore our design trends for 2018 blog. And if you’re feeling suitably inspired why not contact us to request a quote! We would love to discuss how you can incorporate 2020 home design trends into your new build or renovation.

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