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2018 Home Design Trends Unveiled

Be bold with these home design trends

2017 has been a year of adventurous home design trends. Driven by the popularity of shows like The Block, House Rules, and Instagram (the oddly addictive home of #homeinspo), renovators and builders alike are taking more risks. Homeowners are ditching the boring beige paint and realizing their independence. There’s a crazy, cool world of design out there! Practicality is always a factor. However, now more than ever, your home can reflect who you are!

Kitchens are the new black

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Once the forefront of all things white and shiny, kitchens are taking a turn to the dark side. Elegant in their simplicity, noir kitchens can be as subtle as black cabinetry offset by white benchtops and sleek, stainless steel appliances. Or, take it right to the ebony limit with the inclusion of black sinks and tapware. While black kitchens lend themselves to modern styles, country charm can be added through natural timber accents. The popularity of the indoor plant is here to stay and makes the perfect accompaniment to an all-black kitchen.


Wrap your walls

Wrap your wallsAll that’s old is new again with wallpaper making (another) return. A quick and easy way to add a little quirk to your home, wallpaper in 2017 is less your Grandma’s china, and more your local café’s artwork. Wallpaper can add to or change the texture of a room, with high-quality papers giving a stone, brick, or wood effect at a tiny portion of the price of the real deal.

It’s hip to be round

Round Furniture

Soft, curvaceous lines, meet 1970’s colour schemes and décor, as straight lines and hard edges move to the back. Superbly comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, round furniture, be it tables and lounges, or even entertainment units and coffee tables, have made a comeback in a big way. This design trend looks to be here for quite some time.

The softest touch

Soft FurnishingsHighly durable, but beautifully soft and delightfully snug, suedes and velvet are the fabrics to include in your living areas and bedrooms. Creating warmth, and a wonderful grounding feel in a home, velvet and suede can give a vintage feel or a modern touch depending on their use. Try a charcoal grey for contemporary homes or a splash of your favourite colour.

There’s never been a better time to embrace the fun and daring of interior design. Incorporate your unique style into your home. Go on, be brave!

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Updated 12/02/2021


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