Edible garden inspiration

Planning a garden… Do you want your garden to be functional, as well as pretty? A well thought out landscape can add value, style and flair to your home, but it can do so much more. Your garden is an untapped resource of flavour, colour and sustainability – why not make it edible? An edible

compare quotes for home renovations and spas

Apples or oranges… You’d have to be living under a rock to miss some of the incredible ‘bargains’ available to anyone who’s renovating, building or landscaping their home in the current market. These ‘too good to be true’ deals offer anything from pool installation to home extensions at a fraction of the price of most

Adding a deck, like this, will provide a return on your home renovation investment.

Build your own happy returns… Even if you plan on staying put, it’s helpful to know that the money you spend renovating will bring a return. For our friends the property flippers, a return means short-term monetary gain and the thrill of the experience. For most renovators, improved lifestyle will be all the value they

overview of house with champagne taste and beer renovation budget

A few words from the wise… If you’ve ever watched The Block or Grand Designs, you’ll know all about the highs and lows of building and renovating. You’ll have seen what happens when a renovation budget gets blown and tempers fray. Ideally, we all want more highs than lows; in life, and certainly when building

How to plan for a home renovation image of front of home

How to plan a home renovation

It all started with a dream, right? Or maybe a wish… or even just a whole heap of frustration? We’ve all been there. You kind of know what you want the end result to be – more open space, a functional kitchen, a granny flat, a pool for the Summer. You may even have an